Do you want to benefit from personalized services as well as exclusive tools without having to commit to our franchise network? We have the solution that suits you.

The affiliated partner program allows you to benefit from tools and solutions intended for IT resellers who want to expand their products and services portfolio, as well as expand their service delivery capabilities.

By choosing this solution, you will have access to MicroAge expertise and a wide range of exclusive services, such as the following:

  • A field support resource, a Director of service
  • Preferential pricing on various programs
  • Nationally negotiated vendor and resale programs
  • Valuable memberships and agreements with service suppliers
  • Become a member of a National Service Program
  • Access to a national network of certified technicians
  • Access to an extranet for communications, tools, documentation and training opportunities.
  • Yearly National Conference of peers and vendors.


The benefits you derive from this program are all up to you. By becoming a Microage Service Agent, you have a chance to add missing pieces to your business. But those pieces are yours to choose, some might be more valuable than others, some are just to fill small needs, and some might have a profound impact on the way you develop and grow your business.

  • Join a dynamic Business improvement group composed of your peers
  • Access to benchmarking tools from the industry
  • Affordable Sales and Service software suite specifically designed for the IT Service industry
  • MicroAge-exclusive procurement tools
  • Access to a bilingual Helpdesk and NOC services on a pay-per-use basis

Finally, one distinct advantage you will have is the simplicity of having all this available through one specific partner. All these benefits are certainly available to you as an independent, but going through different possible partners, by individually negotiating all aspects—and by paying a premium for it.


The main asset of this Program is that it easily adapts to the specific needs of entrepreneurs. No matter what your business objectives are, you will have access to solutions that will give your business an edge by taking advantage of the gain in productivity and profitability.

So here is a list of potential benefits you can expect:

  • Optimize overall efficiency through field support and benchmarking with industry standards
  • Maximize your profitability through negotiated quality purchasing programs
  • Streamline operations by using our custom-tailored systems and tools
  • Expand sales and support beyond your territory through our National Service Program
  • Access to networking and peer-exchange events and training

All these benefits are certainly available to you as an independent by individually negotiating with various vendors and paying a premium for it. So one distinct advantage is the simplicity of having all this facilitated through one single partner.