The SMB Market in Canada.

Over the past few years, Canadian SMBs have faced a major challenge. The emergence and availability of new technologies have radically changed the way of working and thinking in business management.

Traditional IT suppliers, and Value-added resellers (VAR’s), have had difficulties adapting their offer to this new reality. Most of them are offering typical services, such as procurement, installation and maintenance. However, these services are not enough at the moment and can’t satisfy the growing technological needs of the driving force of the Canadian economy: The SMB market. Indeed, these companies represent more than 90% of canadian jobs in the private sector, that’s 6 in 10 jobs in the country.

This gap between services offered by traditional IT suppliers and the SMBs’ expectations represents a major business opportunity that our franchisees can exploit every day.


The world of information technologies is in perpetual change. Over the past decade, access to the internet has been democratized, allowing millions of consumers around the globe to consult a massive amount of data and easily communicate with each other.

The changes are not about to end. New technologies, such as the emergence of cloud solutions, IP telephony, and the advent of Big Data keep transforming the way we use technologies in the workplace.

The proliferation of these technologies also created a new threat: cybercriminals. Today more and more companies are aware of this risk and are ready to invest in data protection programs, infrastructure, and even training for their employees.

However, most SMB’s don’t have the knowledge or resources to benefit fully from the potential of these new digital solutions and remain competitive.

The optimal solution is to find a business partner who, beyond his perfect mastery of the IT tools and infrastructure, will consider the specificities of the company to advise business owners on the best way to integrate new IT solutions into their processes.

This is exactly the type of services that MicroAge proposes in this rapidly growing market.


MicroAge makes sure that every customer has access to the most successful technologies on the market so that they can achieve their business objectives.

Thanks to our multiple agreements with IT suppliers and partners, we can design and deploy custom-made solutions that will meet the needs of companies and easily fit in their business model.

Our customers have access to the following services:

  • Network Infrastructures solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • IT staffing
  • Consulting services
  • Procurement and deployment of IT products
  • Maintenance and technical support

Much more than a simple IT supplier, we aim to become a true business partner for our customers. To build a long-lasting and prosperous relation with them, we develop an approach based on the best methods and standards of the industry. The M4 approach represents the structure of our managed service offer to them, which consists in:

  • Monitoring our client’s assets in real time 24/7/365 to ensure the maximum possible uptime
  • Maintain and support them with expert technical staff
  • Managing the performance and security of their IT infrastructure
  • Maximizing their productivity based on their own specific business goals


We are looking for people who can thrive as part of the MicroAge Network. If you are an IT professional or business owner with potential for growth and expansion, we want you as part of our community either as a Franchise or Affiliated partner.

Regardless of your situation, MicroAge has a program to help you reach your goals. There are few options to consider where MicroAge can be a valuable partner for years to come.

Starting a Business

Whatever background you may have, if you are considering going into business by yourself, you already have the first criteria necessary to succeed; the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s not all you need but it’s a start. The rest of the ingredients needed to be successful are a combination of many things: knowledge, hard work and experience are among them. But success is a work-in-progress, it’s trial and error, and as such you don’t need to have ALL the elements in hand at the start, but you definitely need the proper building blocks provided through the MicroAge Franchise Program.

  • Convert your company into a MicroAge franchise

    If you are an existing IT reseller you already have the knowledge and experience to run a good business. Your concerns are probably focused on how you would be able to take your business to a higher level. Or how you could transition from a procurement and break\fix model to a more profitable, managed service practice built on recurring revenue.

    Such a transition is not an easy task and can be years in the making. MicroAge has the tools, knowledge, experience, but above all the best-practice approach to support you in this endeavour and speed up the process through the MicroAge Franchise Program.

  • Start your own business

    Are you driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and wish to fully take advantage of the knowledge you acquired during your career? By becoming a MicroAge franchisee, you will have access to a series of tools that will allow you to launch a prosperous company. You can leverage the rights to a premier National Brand, enjoy the support of a community of like-minded peers, join a program with best-in class tools and services, and get advantages that can help you grow your market share, while building a profitable and sustainable business.

  • Affiliation through our Partner Program

    If you are a successful entrepreneur who has built your brand and is already heading for success, you might simply need a reliable business partner who can provide you tools that will facilitate and accelerate your growth.

    Every independent business owner needs help and by choosing our Affiliated Partner Program, you will have access to programs and tailor-made tools perfected over 35 years of experience.