A word from the president

The desire to start up MicroAge stemmed from a strong belief that Information Technology was going to change the world. The rise of digital transformation within today’s business community confirms that our intuition in 1981 was correct. Our vision has evolved throughout the years, but MicroAge has remained true to their founding principles: to build Canada’s premier network of IT Service Providers.

The Internet has disrupted the IT business, and has changed the manner in which Information Technology is procured and consumed by our Clients. Change has become inevitable, and transformation holds the key for the future IT Service Provider.

MicroAge Canada offers progressive IT service organizations the sense of community and the opportunity to effectively alter their business model in a cost-efficient manner. Our programs will result in increased profitability, sustainability through recurring revenue, renewed relevance within the marketplace, and a higher business valuation. MicroAge has various options available for business owners who are committed to regenerating their businesses and accelerating their success.

Together, we are stronger.

Our mission and Vision

To provide our network of value-added resellers and service providers with proven business practices, efficient tools, coaching and the benefits of leveraged partnerships, supported by a team of experienced professionals who strive to build relevant profitable and sustainable IT Service Provider businesses across Canada.

Trusted market leader that enables the transformation of traditional IT businesses to build Canada’s premier network of managed IT service providers dedicated to supporting technology in the SMB marketplace.

Our franchisees

Our MicroAge Franchise partners are highly regarded as some of the most successful Value-Added Resellers and Managed Service Providers of the industry. In many cases they are the point of reference in their field within their local communities. And through the years some of them have become prominent regional players.

In February of 2018, as a testament to that commitment and that success, eight MicroAge Franchise partners were recognized in the Top 50 Best Managed It Companies in Canada.

As part of The MicroAge Network in Canada for the past 25 years, we have been able to transform a... read more

As part of The MicroAge Network in Canada for the past 25 years, we have been able to transform a once small town IT operation into a well-known and respected regional player in Northern Ontario. We could never have achieved the success and milestones we have over the years without the transformation The MicroAge Network has enabled us to attain.

MicroAge Canada’s best practices and business intelligence allows us to grow and successfully compete in what is now, a global market. With our local presence, and the network’s national scope, we are truly stronger in numbers with both our clients and our vendors. We would never have been able to weather the economic downturn in the IT sector in the late 2000’s if it wasn’t for MicroAge Canada. The paradigm shifts we needed to make would have been unsurmountable as an independent VAR.

Our adaptation to MicroAge Canada’s business model continues to separate us from our competitors as we continue pursuing excellence in all aspects of our business.

Don Bruni, President MicroAge Sault Ste. Marie

As one of the newest owners within the network, I have been welcomed and treated as an equal since joining... read more

As one of the newest owners within the network, I have been welcomed and
treated as an equal since joining in May 2012. The process of joining the MicroAge Network was straightforward and ever since the level of level of commitment and support has continued to rise. From a business perspective, having direct access to resources in the Distribution, Vendor and Technology communities is an advantage. From a personal perspective, having the opportunity to access the wealth of knowledge and experience of other owners in the network has been invaluable.

Dale Hoard, Owner MicroAge Belleville